“Playing live has always come naturally to me” says Fliszar, “it’s about the energy and connecting with your fellow musicians and the audience.  Recording is a different animal.

It’s about listening to the producers, the writers, and the clients and honing in on what is important to them, focusing on minute details while making sure the whole track flows.”Dicki has a recording studio in West LA – a quick and easy option for anybody needing drums recorded for their project, song or album – wherever they are on this planet.

How does it work?

Says Fliszar,  “Let me give you an example…

Just the other afternoon I got a text from my buddy Andy in Nashville – ‘can you do this rock track for us today? need it by tomorrow – asap!’  He sent me the basic tracks as an mp3.

I went down to my studio, warmed up, charted the song, recorded it and sent the 8 separate drum tracks back within hours. By midnight Nashville time they had the tracks.”

Instead of mp3’s you are also welcome to send wav, aiff or any other files you prefer.

If you are interested in having Dicki play live or record for you click here or send an email to for quotes.


Here are a few examples of recordings at my studio:


Chanel#5 – Chanel Monique:

Audio MP3


Outcast – Port Chuck

Audio MP3


Lost Without You – Port Chuck

Audio MP3


Slow Daze – BeatRed

Audio MP3